The One That Done Me In

January 22, 2013

It was late in the morning on a Wednesday afternoon

I was wasting away in a rundown saloon

A glass of cheap whiskey sat where I could see

With ten more lined up all beckoning to me

As each glass was emptied it became clear

Impending doom was drawing very near

I tried to make the best of it with a stoic face

And hoped no one would notice that I felt so out of place

The room had started spinning as I knew it would

So I held onto the table just as hard as I could

I couldn’t see across the room as I was almost blind

But I didn’t seem to care for I was having a real good time

That was when I had a thought I should have never had

For things were getting worse and turning really bad

I felt that it was time to go and was looking for the door

But all I found was me sprawled across the floor

I couldn’t stand or fall down much less walk or swoon

For I was trapped in a corner in the middle of the room

So there I was wishing I had stopped at ten

For it was the last one that done me in



My first blog.

October 19, 2012

I keep receiving scolding comments from a friend that I need to write a blog. She claims my twisted thoughts are mostly humorous and should be shared beyond my occassional emails I send her whenever I feel inspired. I am not particularly inspired at the moment, but one must start somewhere at some point in time. I have read other blogs that recommend one write often about a topic that they feel this inner need to share with whomever has stumbled across their site. So far no one has stumbled anywhere near mine. I will take this in stride and write to entertain myself about whatever topics that seem relevant for the moment. This seems acceptable to me since I am not attempting to please anyone, inspire anyone or make any kind of impact upon anyone’s life. It is what it is. Nothing more and nothing less. Well, mostly less. I wonder what subjects I should concentrate on and find nothing reaching out to grab one by the throat and hang on for dear life. Maybe that will be focus of this blog. Writing about nothing in particular. That will certainly free up most of my time not fretting about what to write. I have posted some mundane attempts at poetry, if it can be classified as such. I have moments of being inspired followed by months of not caring one bit about posting or writing anything. Such dedication to the craft should be rewarded with massive indifference should anyone stumble across this site. Suffering from a momentary mental block brought about by a wandering, unfocused mind on what I was doing just a few moments ago spurs no thoughts at all. Focus. I need to focus. I have no idea upon what I should focus, but it sounded good when I thought of it. I am seriously considering ending this rambling jumble of words since I seem to have run out of focus. This may happen alot and should not alarm anyone who has made it this far and is still awake. Maybe a quick nap is in order since I have taxed what few neurons I have left.


April 13, 2012

I was sittin in the backyard
Watchin puffy clouds roll by
An thinkin to myself
What a lucky guy
To see them clouds a floatin
Against a clear blue Texas sky
An the only thing a missin
Was a reason why

Why can’t them publicans
Get along with crats
They’s always a fightin
Just like dogs an cats
What about the country
Now just who’s runnin that

Why can’t all them people
Find themselves a job
All them Wall Street companies
Are livin high on the hog
The money’s there for the takin
It’s just not spread around
To those who need it most
Who’ve been driven into the ground

Why are all them houses
Taken by the banks
Put in foreclosure sales
Because the loans they made stank
They made a bet an lost big time
Much to their regret
An we the people
Are made to suffer
An it still ain’t over yet

Why oh why I wonder why
Just how we got this mess
An what’ll it take to turn it around
Before it comes crashin down

I see them clouds a floatin
Up there in the sky
An I thank all them stars
I’m such a lucky guy

A Piece of Cake

March 16, 2012

As I entered the Break Room very early in the morn

Sitting on the table looking so forlorn

Was a piece of cake leftover

From a bakery down the street

I remembered my co-worker

Who was disappointed beyond belief

When he missed out on the last cupcake

That left him filled with grief

Having some compassion

For this tortured soul

I grabbed the piece of cake

To comfort and console

Enjoy this tasty treat

Savor every bite

For this piece of cake

Was saved for your delight

The Last Cupcake

March 16, 2012

I went into the break room just the other day

And sitting on the table was a box turned my way

I opened it quite slowly not knowing what was inside

And much to my surprise was a cupcake

The last one inside

I looked around for anyone who might have laid a claim

And no one was there to take my prize

The last cupcake inside

I took it out to look at it and turned it all around

And decided right then and there the last cupcake was mine

I took a bite and savored it and swallowed with delight

And I was the only one with the last cupcake inside

March 16, 2012

Whispers In The Wind

What soft murmur is that I hear

Through rustling leaves so near

A tranquil sound calling out

The whispers in the wind


Tell the stories you have for me

So quiet in the gentle breeze

You must listen close

The whispers in the wind


A tale told long ago

Of heroes valor once chiseled in stone

Never spoken now

The whispers in the wind


The lover’s story lost in time

Once repeated line by line

Yet no one hears

The whispers in the wind


For history and myth and fable

I listen for what you are able

To share with me on this gentle breeze

The whispers in the wind


And now it’s gone

All is still

Please come back

The whispers in the wind

The Sky That Cries

March 16, 2012

It’s been so long since the sky cried

The spring rain that’s falling outside

Now that winter’s edge is behind

What joy it stirs inside

With summer’s promise almost upon us

Trees will shed their nakedness

And springtime flowers will awaken

To one day turn the countryside

The rainbow’s hues

Against a blue sky

All of that from the sky that cries a gentle rain

That will change the world before our eyes

The Sun

December 15, 2010

The sun
Rose in the east
The sun
Set in the west
I haven’t decided
Which I like best

Sarah’s Pay-In

September 17, 2010

Come on all you Republican women
Sarah Palin’s got a hankerin’ for winnin’
She’s got herself in the national spotlight
Wants to be Prez with all her might

All the tea baggers think she’s swell
For tellin’ the Dems to go to hell
She’s so far to the right
There’s nothing left but hateful spite

The national polls they don’t lie
It’s Sarah’s turn to give it a try
To be the head of the GOP
And don’t forget the Tea Bag Party

She’s got the experience to run the land
Right to the brink of the nearest quicksand
A know it all above all others
A national leader and oh what a mother

Now get out and vote in the 2012 primaries
And don’t even think of any similarities
With any politician who has come before
She’s not your average political whore

It’s all plain to see
Sarah Palin of the GOP
She’s in it for herself
Not for you and me

What Party Is This

March 12, 2010

I was invited to a tea party just the other day
By a big white rabbit who said he knew the way
To solve the ills and problems all across our land
All I had to do was put my money in his hand

He blamed the politicians for what was going on
And he and his fellow rabbits were being called upon
To be the voice and the party of choice
To make us great again

No never mind their solution
Was short of revolution
Go get your gun we’ll have some fun
Shooting politicians

How far to the right
Must I have to lean
Just to be a part
Of this new political machine

I had to stop and say
I don’t think this is the way
To spout and shout and beat about
In order to try and sway

I lost my trust in rabbits
And elephants and asses
Now comes another voice
In our nation’s coffee houses

It’s the coffee party
So plain for all to see
Liberals and conservatives
All on bended knees

Just have a cup of joe
And sing about your woes
Just be sure to tip the waitress
Before you get up to go

They don’t have an answer
Though they question those that do
Just what kind of party
Have I been invited to