There have been some who’ve told me I should start a blog
I could share my thoughts and feelings about my cats and dog
The world is just awaiting for my prose and wit
I could become a sensation, an instant internet hit
What stories I could regale about those furry tails
Just write a blog and keep a log of all the hits I get
My fame would spread throughout the land if I would write a blog
All about my two cats and the one black dog
News crews would be lining up to film my furry pets
Maybe Matt Lauer would spend an hour getting hair upon his pants
My life would never be the same if I would write a blog
A million people would love to read about the cats and dog
I could throw in a mouse or two just to change it up
A squirrel here a coyote there a skunk to smell it up
All I have to do to do is sit and write a blog


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