This Old Farm House

This old farm house grey and weathered

Oh what stories have you buried

Behind your walls now falling down

Where silence dwells no human sound

There once was joy and hopes and dreams

Here was the future this house was the scene

Now all is gone it’s in the past

How much longer will you last

Your yard is now filled with weeds

No youthful laughs no skinned knees

All of those who once lived here

Have moved on it’s painfully clear

You were built upon this land

By those who toiled and tilled and tanned

To grow the crops and raise the stock

That fed their fellow man

What happened here

To be left behind

Why was man so unkind

To let your walls go falling down

And let your stories have no sound

This was a home not just a house

Where people lived

And people roamed

Now only silence fills the space

Of this once sacred place

The time has come to bid farewell

To this house that served so well

Where all the memories are now lost

This final legacy had too high a cost

For this old and grey weathered farm house.


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