Twentieth Century Man

I don’t have twitter

I’ve never sent a tweet

I’d rather walk my dog than write a blog

I’m not on Facebook or on Utube and to make my day quicker  I don’t even flickr

I’d rather watch a sunset with my own two eyes, not on a screen three feet wide

I know my place in the human race and it’s not anywhere on cyberspace

I have a computer in the corner at home  it’s been so long I forgot which button turns it on

I’m not connected to the internet

My life’s just fine and I don’t fret about the latest technological pet

I still put paper to pen, put on a stamp instead of click send

If I need to chat  I’ve got family for that

It’s so much closer that some chat room brat who thinks he’s better off than that

I don’t feel the need to compete for millions of peeps from those who tweet

I’d rather sit around a campfire in the forest than be surrounded by electrical component towers

I’m a twentieth century man in a twenty-first century world and I don’t care if I’m left behind for I know how to spend my time

I can read a book or fish a brook

Watch the clouds go by in my little nook on the planet we call earth why I can even cook


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