The Dark Path

Down the dark path he did trod
The forces within striking like a rod
To shape his soul
Where no man should go
No feelings
No heart
No soul

Down the dark side of life
Where turmoil pain and strife
Overcome what once was right
Now gone wrong
No respect for life

Down into the depth of despair
Where no angels dare
To save what’s left
Of this empty shell
Welcome to the gates of hell

Down into the dark of night
The demons hold sway
No light of day
No one can stop
No control
The unleashed fury of this lost soul

Down within this callous heart
Evil lurks
There’s total fright
To ease this burning
Death has come
To fill his yearning

Down into this tortured veil
Victims scream to no avail
The monstrous acts
For which we fail
To spot and stop
Beyond the pale


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