What Party Is This

I was invited to a tea party just the other day
By a big white rabbit who said he knew the way
To solve the ills and problems all across our land
All I had to do was put my money in his hand

He blamed the politicians for what was going on
And he and his fellow rabbits were being called upon
To be the voice and the party of choice
To make us great again

No never mind their solution
Was short of revolution
Go get your gun we’ll have some fun
Shooting politicians

How far to the right
Must I have to lean
Just to be a part
Of this new political machine

I had to stop and say
I don’t think this is the way
To spout and shout and beat about
In order to try and sway

I lost my trust in rabbits
And elephants and asses
Now comes another voice
In our nation’s coffee houses

It’s the coffee party
So plain for all to see
Liberals and conservatives
All on bended knees

Just have a cup of joe
And sing about your woes
Just be sure to tip the waitress
Before you get up to go

They don’t have an answer
Though they question those that do
Just what kind of party
Have I been invited to


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