Sarah’s Pay-In

Come on all you Republican women
Sarah Palin’s got a hankerin’ for winnin’
She’s got herself in the national spotlight
Wants to be Prez with all her might

All the tea baggers think she’s swell
For tellin’ the Dems to go to hell
She’s so far to the right
There’s nothing left but hateful spite

The national polls they don’t lie
It’s Sarah’s turn to give it a try
To be the head of the GOP
And don’t forget the Tea Bag Party

She’s got the experience to run the land
Right to the brink of the nearest quicksand
A know it all above all others
A national leader and oh what a mother

Now get out and vote in the 2012 primaries
And don’t even think of any similarities
With any politician who has come before
She’s not your average political whore

It’s all plain to see
Sarah Palin of the GOP
She’s in it for herself
Not for you and me


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