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A Piece of Cake

March 16, 2012

As I entered the Break Room very early in the morn

Sitting on the table looking so forlorn

Was a piece of cake leftover

From a bakery down the street

I remembered my co-worker

Who was disappointed beyond belief

When he missed out on the last cupcake

That left him filled with grief

Having some compassion

For this tortured soul

I grabbed the piece of cake

To comfort and console

Enjoy this tasty treat

Savor every bite

For this piece of cake

Was saved for your delight


The Last Cupcake

March 16, 2012

I went into the break room just the other day

And sitting on the table was a box turned my way

I opened it quite slowly not knowing what was inside

And much to my surprise was a cupcake

The last one inside

I looked around for anyone who might have laid a claim

And no one was there to take my prize

The last cupcake inside

I took it out to look at it and turned it all around

And decided right then and there the last cupcake was mine

I took a bite and savored it and swallowed with delight

And I was the only one with the last cupcake inside

March 16, 2012

Whispers In The Wind

What soft murmur is that I hear

Through rustling leaves so near

A tranquil sound calling out

The whispers in the wind


Tell the stories you have for me

So quiet in the gentle breeze

You must listen close

The whispers in the wind


A tale told long ago

Of heroes valor once chiseled in stone

Never spoken now

The whispers in the wind


The lover’s story lost in time

Once repeated line by line

Yet no one hears

The whispers in the wind


For history and myth and fable

I listen for what you are able

To share with me on this gentle breeze

The whispers in the wind


And now it’s gone

All is still

Please come back

The whispers in the wind

The Sky That Cries

March 16, 2012

It’s been so long since the sky cried

The spring rain that’s falling outside

Now that winter’s edge is behind

What joy it stirs inside

With summer’s promise almost upon us

Trees will shed their nakedness

And springtime flowers will awaken

To one day turn the countryside

The rainbow’s hues

Against a blue sky

All of that from the sky that cries a gentle rain

That will change the world before our eyes