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April 13, 2012

I was sittin in the backyard
Watchin puffy clouds roll by
An thinkin to myself
What a lucky guy
To see them clouds a floatin
Against a clear blue Texas sky
An the only thing a missin
Was a reason why

Why can’t them publicans
Get along with crats
They’s always a fightin
Just like dogs an cats
What about the country
Now just who’s runnin that

Why can’t all them people
Find themselves a job
All them Wall Street companies
Are livin high on the hog
The money’s there for the takin
It’s just not spread around
To those who need it most
Who’ve been driven into the ground

Why are all them houses
Taken by the banks
Put in foreclosure sales
Because the loans they made stank
They made a bet an lost big time
Much to their regret
An we the people
Are made to suffer
An it still ain’t over yet

Why oh why I wonder why
Just how we got this mess
An what’ll it take to turn it around
Before it comes crashin down

I see them clouds a floatin
Up there in the sky
An I thank all them stars
I’m such a lucky guy