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My first blog.

October 19, 2012

I keep receiving scolding comments from a friend that I need to write a blog. She claims my twisted thoughts are mostly humorous and should be shared beyond my occassional emails I send her whenever I feel inspired. I am not particularly inspired at the moment, but one must start somewhere at some point in time. I have read other blogs that recommend one write often about a topic that they feel this inner need to share with whomever has stumbled across their site. So far no one has stumbled anywhere near mine. I will take this in stride and write to entertain myself about whatever topics that seem relevant for the moment. This seems acceptable to me since I am not attempting to please anyone, inspire anyone or make any kind of impact upon anyone’s life. It is what it is. Nothing more and nothing less. Well, mostly less. I wonder what subjects I should concentrate on and find nothing reaching out to grab one by the throat and hang on for dear life. Maybe that will be focus of this blog. Writing about nothing in particular. That will certainly free up most of my time not fretting about what to write. I have posted some mundane attempts at poetry, if it can be classified as such. I have moments of being inspired followed by months of not caring one bit about posting or writing anything. Such dedication to the craft should be rewarded with massive indifference should anyone stumble across this site. Suffering from a momentary mental block brought about by a wandering, unfocused mind on what I was doing just a few moments ago spurs no thoughts at all. Focus. I need to focus. I have no idea upon what I should focus, but it sounded good when I thought of it. I am seriously considering ending this rambling jumble of words since I seem to have run out of focus. This may happen alot and should not alarm anyone who has made it this far and is still awake. Maybe a quick nap is in order since I have taxed what few neurons I have left.