Martha the Mule

March 12, 2010

Martha the mule was nobody’s fool
She knew her name though she wasn’t that tame
No one could ride her
Though no one derided her
Because she was just Martha the mule

Now Martha the mule
She was real cool
Though just half a horse
She had no remorse
At living her life in her stable of course

When Martha the mule was given a carrot
She munched on down and didn’t spare it
Every bite was such a delight
She would bray at even the sight
Of that tasty treat that was so sweet

That’s the story of Martha the mule
When you enter her stable
Don’t call her Mable
She’ll answer your call
With a bray from her stable
When you yell out
Martha the mule


The Dark Path

March 12, 2010

Down the dark path he did trod
The forces within striking like a rod
To shape his soul
Where no man should go
No feelings
No heart
No soul

Down the dark side of life
Where turmoil pain and strife
Overcome what once was right
Now gone wrong
No respect for life

Down into the depth of despair
Where no angels dare
To save what’s left
Of this empty shell
Welcome to the gates of hell

Down into the dark of night
The demons hold sway
No light of day
No one can stop
No control
The unleashed fury of this lost soul

Down within this callous heart
Evil lurks
There’s total fright
To ease this burning
Death has come
To fill his yearning

Down into this tortured veil
Victims scream to no avail
The monstrous acts
For which we fail
To spot and stop
Beyond the pale

Twentieth Century Man

March 11, 2010

I don’t have twitter

I’ve never sent a tweet

I’d rather walk my dog than write a blog

I’m not on Facebook or on Utube and to make my day quicker  I don’t even flickr

I’d rather watch a sunset with my own two eyes, not on a screen three feet wide

I know my place in the human race and it’s not anywhere on cyberspace

I have a computer in the corner at home  it’s been so long I forgot which button turns it on

I’m not connected to the internet

My life’s just fine and I don’t fret about the latest technological pet

I still put paper to pen, put on a stamp instead of click send

If I need to chat  I’ve got family for that

It’s so much closer that some chat room brat who thinks he’s better off than that

I don’t feel the need to compete for millions of peeps from those who tweet

I’d rather sit around a campfire in the forest than be surrounded by electrical component towers

I’m a twentieth century man in a twenty-first century world and I don’t care if I’m left behind for I know how to spend my time

I can read a book or fish a brook

Watch the clouds go by in my little nook on the planet we call earth why I can even cook

This Old Farm House

March 11, 2010

This old farm house grey and weathered

Oh what stories have you buried

Behind your walls now falling down

Where silence dwells no human sound

There once was joy and hopes and dreams

Here was the future this house was the scene

Now all is gone it’s in the past

How much longer will you last

Your yard is now filled with weeds

No youthful laughs no skinned knees

All of those who once lived here

Have moved on it’s painfully clear

You were built upon this land

By those who toiled and tilled and tanned

To grow the crops and raise the stock

That fed their fellow man

What happened here

To be left behind

Why was man so unkind

To let your walls go falling down

And let your stories have no sound

This was a home not just a house

Where people lived

And people roamed

Now only silence fills the space

Of this once sacred place

The time has come to bid farewell

To this house that served so well

Where all the memories are now lost

This final legacy had too high a cost

For this old and grey weathered farm house.


March 11, 2010

There have been some who’ve told me I should start a blog
I could share my thoughts and feelings about my cats and dog
The world is just awaiting for my prose and wit
I could become a sensation, an instant internet hit
What stories I could regale about those furry tails
Just write a blog and keep a log of all the hits I get
My fame would spread throughout the land if I would write a blog
All about my two cats and the one black dog
News crews would be lining up to film my furry pets
Maybe Matt Lauer would spend an hour getting hair upon his pants
My life would never be the same if I would write a blog
A million people would love to read about the cats and dog
I could throw in a mouse or two just to change it up
A squirrel here a coyote there a skunk to smell it up
All I have to do to do is sit and write a blog